Great products created by Umer Softwares

Android Apps

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh app lets you order fresh fruits and vegetables from my client’s shop in Ludhiana, India. The django backend provides an admin panel to efficiently manage and deliver all your orders at your doorstep.

Car Fix Today

This app lets you find nearby services for your car. It uses Django as the backend which manages the content in the app and handles the huge database of car services. The backend also manages the search feature in the website CarFixToday.com

Umer Softwares

This is the app for Umer Softwares Blog. It uses Django as its backend. The backend is responsible for gathering the posts from the blog and store them in the database. It is also responsible for sending out notifications to the users when a new post is created on the website.

Prayers Tracker

This app lets the Muslims keep a record of their daily prayers. It generates reports on how much they prayed and tells the number of prayers left. It has got over five thousand users around the world.

Chat Link

This app with its nice material design lets the user enter someone's number and message them on WhatsApp with a button click.

Drive Link Manager

This app lets users keep a record of their files in Google Drive and makes it easy to share them with others. It can store their links and also generate direct download links to files. It has got over five thousand users so far.

Java With Umer

This the app for my blog JavaWithUmer.com where I write about java and android. It shows the posts from the website and uses firebase to receive notifications about the latest posts. It works without a dedicated backend server.

Umer Softwares Lite

This is a lite version of the app for Umer Softwares Blog

Daily Ten Minutes

This is an app for the website DailyTenMinutes.com

Aap ka Faida

This is an app for the website AapKaFaida.com


Umer Softwares Blog

On this website, I write about software. I tell how to use different software and how you can benefit yourself by using different apps and software. I also write about the apps that I create (to promote them to the audience I already have). There is only a small discussion about programming because I publish programming related knowledge on my other blogs.

Java With Umer

On this blog, I publish helpful material and tutorials that help other learn java. I also have a free java course for beginners. This blog also contains posts related to Android Development using java in Android Studio.

Python Fusion

This blog contains posts and tutorials related to Python and Django.